Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Adventure is Out There

Hey y'all!

I'm writing today from a cute cafe in Katakalon, Greece. It's been almost two months since we've signed on the beautiful Rhapsody of the Seas.
Isn't she a beauty? 

We've opened our shows: Ballroom Fever, Piano Man, and Pure Country (guess which one's my favorite. Hint: Dolly is involved) and are having a blast!
 Ballroom Fever
Pure Country

 My cast is great. Everyone is so supportive and kind. Which is great when homesickness hits you like a ton of bricks. They grab your hand and take you out for a great time Back Deck. Lots of dancing and laughter.
Here they are :) (Minus Fabio- He wasn't here yet... I really need an updated Cast pic)

The places we've visited have been amazing! We are currently in the Mediterranean sailing around Greece and Croatia. Santorini is my favorite place on Earth. If God allows us to choose what our Heaven looks like, I hope He lets me choose Santorini. I'll write more on these as we travel from place to place :)

Being here, I've realized that we take a lot for granted in the States. For example: free water. That doesn't exist here. Coke is 2,20 - 4 Euro, which is around $3-$5 in American Dollars. No free refills. Drivers do not like to stop... at all. Think New York Taxis, but worse. Eating is an experience. No rushing allowed. But really, who wants to rush while eating a Chicken Gyro or Greek Pizza? Certainly not me! Walmart and Target. Oh! This is HUGE for me... No Sweet Tea! I am constantly craving it and can't wait to get to Tampa in December to buy myself the largest Sweet Tea! 

That's all I've got for now! If you want me to write about anything specific, shoot me a message on Facebook. 

Hollie <3


  1. Keep writing, Hollie!! Love the viewpoint. We really do take a lot for granted here.

  2. Awesome! Thanks for sharing your many gifts with us!

    1. That comment is from Aunt Suzy, just in case you're wondering!